A Party of a Lifetime Party Package

Celebration of  a Loved One


As well as the funeral, holding a memorial event such as a wake, farewell party, or celebration of life when a loved one dies, can be a wonderful way to pay tribute to them. More often than not, this will usually involve impromptu sandwiches and a cup of tea or coffee back at a relations house or maybe something at a local restaurant.


Forever Memories Events can help you organizing a venue, to order the food, drinks, flowers and music.  FME can create a truly special, unique and bespoke farewell, however small and subtle or large and unusual. If you think arranging a fitting farewell for a loved one, following their death will be too over-whelming. Contact Forever Memories Events to help you remember your loved one in a celebratory sendoff surrounded by family and friends!


Forever Memories Events understands the hardships of losing a loved one.  I have worked with individuals at the end of their lives for many years as a Recreational Therapist.  I understand the delicate balance of working with family members and helping them with end of life issues.  It would be my honor to help any family with an end of life celebration as I have done in the past with clients. 


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